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Why We Love Event Catering at Rivermead Estate

By: Chrissy Keepence | June 21st, 2021

Jerome Dalton from DALTON Catering on the keys, I have been invited to tell the world about some of the things that we love most about Rivermead Estate, our favourite place for wedding catering and event catering in Queensland! 

Firstly, we love how close it is to everything, 25 minutes from the Gold Coast and 60 minutes from our catering kitchen in Brisbane.  Despite the short journey, we always feel like we have been transported much further; in summertime it feels like we could be in the Hollywood Hills and in the cooler months we could be in the hinterland of Rio de Janeiro, simply stunning! Upon arriving at the gates despite ‘turning up for work’ we always feel a sense of excitement and mystic, there is no place quite like it in Queensland!

There has been no attention to detail spared, this venue is fitted out with only the very best of equipment, fittings and fixtures and over the last two years we have gotten to know the fabulous kitchen very well. Whether we are catering an event for 10 people or carrying out wedding catering for 100+ guests, we are always amazed at how well the venue is set up for indoor-outdoor flow, capturing the light, the views and the breezes, simply put, everything and every detail has been thought of.

A big part of the elegance that Rivermead beholds is in its equine history and how well this has been incorporated into the venue, is there a better place in Australia to watch or pursue in some leisurely equine events, enjoy a fabulous catered event then retire to your well-appointed bedroom without leaving the same property? Also, there are no neighbours or white noise to bother you, Rivermead offers all of our guests the utmost privacy.  

The magnificence of Rivermead Estate is upheld by the professionalism of the dedicated team who maintain the estate as one of Australia’s top luxury event destinations. We have had the pleasure of collaborating with the Rivermead team to activate extremely important VIP corporate events where there has been no expense or effort spared, we are always in awe of how the Rivermead team can pull together a list of star suppliers and ensure that an event runs oh-so perfectly. From an outside perspective, it is as if they host a grand event every single day, back-to-back, it really is that seamless.  We always encourage our clients to entrust the Rivermead Estate team with their event as we feel they too share strong in the same values in terms of what the virtues are of a great event.

Weddings and luxurious wedding catering are what makes our heart warm, and it really is an honour to witness the coming together of two people and their families in such surroundings. From the moment the bridal party wakes up, to the moment that they rest their heads, every whim and need has been taken care of by the Rivermead team. One piece of general feedback that we get from bridegrooms is that the day goes so fast, however our Rivermead Estate wedding clients have told us that their stay and wedding at Rivermead has been at a dream like pace, due to the fact that the get to know the venue intimately prior to the big day and because they are on-site from start to finish - no travel time, no rushing and most importantly no stress! We love going on the journey with our bridegrooms for weddings at Rivermead Estate as they are generally there for 2 nights at least, we feel it is always such a privilege to see such beautiful things happen in such a beautiful place.

We have never cooked the same menu twice at Rivermead Estate, whether we have been conjuring up decadent corporate catering, elegant brunch or lunch catering or a wedding catering feast, each menu is bespoke and epicuriously curated to suit the event organisers every specific detail. A perfect event is one where no detail has been spared and we love working scrupulously with the Rivermead team to ensure perfection. Rivermead Estate provides the perfect venue, so we feel we have to provide the perfect food to compliment such perfect surroundings. To date, we have effected sumptuous breakfast and brunch catering, grazing tables, canapes, high teas, degustation meals, shared table dining and à la carte menus for 10 – 120 people as well as private chef services for VIP’s, there really are no limits at Rivermead Estate.

We thoroughly recommend entrusting Rivermead Estate with your next event, and we will be there also to ensure that your next event is expertly catered the way you like it, we cannot wait to be back cooking for and fussing over our next group of lucky guests very soon.


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