This is a favourite quote from Nicole Tough, a professional dressage trainer/coach on the Gold Coast. Nicole says;

Each day, I am blessed to be tasked with developing a team of dressage horses, to try and bring out their potential and keep them happy athletes. In addition, I also get to help, guide and inspire students to work towards achieving their goals with their horses.

I believe in creating goals that command your thoughts, channel your energy and inspires your hopes and dreams. My goals are always to improve, both as a trainer and as a coach, and if my goals take me and /or my students to competitive success and maybe even to National representation, I’m up for it 🤩.

Rivermead Estate Experiences:

During the Tokyo Olympics, I was lucky enough to watch the Dressage from the luxury of Rivermead Estate with a wonderful group of like minded friends. Feasting on exquisite catering and watching the best dressage riders in the world on a big screen was just fantabulous and a night to remember.

I have also been lucky enough to experience a few training days at Rivermead Estate, and riding at a venue like this, makes you sit taller, be prouder and ride at your best. The scenery is surrealistic and the whole experience feels magical – like you are in a Pride and Prejudice movie scene.

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Equestrian Sport:

Equestrian sport is so unique, with the athletic training of both
rider and horse. In equestrian sport, our tennis racquet answers back, our golf
club has an opinion, our javelin can be having an off day, our basketball can
be terrified of an umbrella, our surf board can be feeling under the weather,
and our kayak can think it’s all too hard 🙉🙊🙈. In equestrian sport, males and females compete against each other on equal footing, and you can neither be too young nor too old, too tall
nor too short, to be exceptional. In our sport, perseverance is more important
than talent, and the heart of your horse can make you feel like you’re soaring
with eagles. In our sport, you cannot have a day off…. Ever. For the horse
needs daily attention, whether it’s a training day or not.


There is a majesty in equestrian sport that has no parallel, and
it is my dream to bring it more to the public.

I am lucky to coach goal oriented young riders, who put their
horses first, are driven to improve, and if luck and timing go their way, we
might just see them at the Brisbane Olympics. Abby Weel, Zali Young, Brooke
Flesser, and Daisy Fielding to name a few.

My fav things to do when not
with the horses, are watching movies, reading, hiking with the dogs, playing
games and snow skiing with my family.

Life is for living….. find something that makes your heart soar,
makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning, and do it every day.

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